Released games so far

FlatFatCat – A casual funny cat game

  • Type: Puzzle / Arcade
  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Target: Casual
  • Special: Suitable for kids!

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Timbertales – Fantasy strategy game

  • Type: Strategy
  • Platform: Android, iOS, PC
  • Target: Gamer
  • Special: Retro classic game!

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About us – Rainware indie development

Rainware – an indie Game Developer studio focused on libGDX– based cross platform games. Founded by Thorben Rackow from Germany.


“Since I got my first game console I really enjoy games. My absolutely favorite game all time is Starcraft: Broodwar / Starcraft2.”

I am a professional software developer since 2007. My career started at the game publisher and creator Innogames GmbH as a trainee. I had the opportunity to get a good insight in many different departments and was able to generate a good knowledge about the gaming industry. At the moment I represent the developer, game designer, level designer and marketing manager. For graphic and sound assets I have some external help.