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Patch v1.2.0 – Rise of Felix


  • New main theme for timbertales lobby
  • Remastered tutorial track
  • Added libGdx & Kickstarter logo to credits
  • Credits got a new icon


Bug fixing
  • Sylvan campaign was blocked, but vermin available. Should be the other way around
  • Fixed a missing icon on challenge reward screen


Patch v1.1.1 – Security for everyone


  • Socket connection is naow secured by TLS
  • Improved session handling to lower the risk of hacking


Patch v1.1.0 – First Release Candidate


Sylvan Campaign
  • Explore the story of the sylvans in 7 missions with 21 challenges
  • Complete new map objectives and challenges
  • Exciting Story and awesome rewards


Rework finish dialog
  • Finish dialog now shows challenge and your progress
  • More clean than ever before


  • A lot of new sounds for different game elements
  • New background for the menu without pixel artefacts
  • Tails got a new running animation
  • Credits page was added
  • Redesigned some dialogs for better fitting
  • New purchase dialog with sounds and animation
  • Sparkle effect for challenges
  • Added clouds to the battlefield
  • Added water motion on the battlefield


Patch v0.8.0 – Early Access


  • Please help Timbertales to enter Steam by voting on Greenlight
  • Timbertales will be available on IDC-Games soon as desktop version


Registration process
  • Registration no longer requires you to set an email or password. Instead you will be identified by your device, in addition you will have to set an unique username. If you want to play on different devices: You will have to connect your account with an external service like google play service or Facebook. The intention for this change was to get the player faster into game without an oldschool registration process


Exchange office
  • Regarding the in game purchases I made the system a lot easier to understand. Every purchase can be made by acorn points in future, there is nothing explicit available for money. You can earn acorn points by playing the game or exchange money vs acorn points in the exchange office. Keep in mind that no purchase will have any influence on the game mechanics or the required skill in the game. The intention for the change was to make the system more clear and transparent.


Loading screen
  • The loading screen was reworked and will now show the progress and our early access logo.


  • There were some changes made due the multiplayer mode. First you will now have a better overview about your turn or the enemies turn and you should be aware of the actual game state. Also a lot of minor things were changed, so make sure to play some multiplayer games to explore them.


  • Challenges were added to the prolog adventure. You can now replay some mission to achieve some unique challenges and earn special rewards. Your progress will be displayed on the mission map. I also added a finish dialog if an adventure was finished to show up some opportunities how to proceed.


  • The acorn label in the lobby now adjusts on changes to the acorn points.
  • Newbie hints were shown on special events even if the enemy occurs them.
  • It was possible to attack the insect nest on the map plague of insects with CC abilities.
  • Fixed a crash of the game, which was caused when the insect nest was destroyed and drops a sphere.
  • Fixed a crash of the game, which was caused when the ai gathers a sphere out of the shadow.
  • It was possible to retrigger the placement phase by reconnecting.
  • You were able to place units multiple times on reconnect.
  • On reconnect the round numbers were wrong.
  • Unlocking a campaign was possible before the tutorial was finished.
  • Some in game hints were in the old graphic style.
  • Rewards were gifted even by losing a mission.
  • Some mission objectives had the wrong titles.
  • Font was displayed incorrectly on mushroom map.
  • If the ai gathered a mushroom it was counted for the player.
  • Units from the ai were visible on placement phase.
  • The viewport was moving to fast away, when collecting the chest challenge.
  • Camera focus wasn’t right if zoomed in.


Desktop changes
  • It is now possible to change the resolution in the desktop version. You can also toggle window and fullscreen mode.


Android changes
  • Sleep mode should be disabled now, while Timbertales is running.


Beta Build 6

  • GameQueue should now be more stable, double enqueue isn’t possible anymore
  • Fixed a bug which occurs if no experience given for race on game end
  • Improved server stability
  • Fixed bug in army preselection
  • Added vs animation on game start
  • Portraits are now selectable in profile window
  • New starter portrait
  • Profile screen, you can access it by clicking on your portrait in lobby menu
  • Record game history for challenge / multiplayer
  • Arena now working as intended
  • Show progress of a campaign
  • Autoselect campaign which is not done yet
  • Show pagination for campaigns
  • Activated arena ranking

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