Game Project No.2 – FlatFatCat

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It was a little bit silent the last few days. Of course there is a reason for this: We worked hard on our upcoming game no. 2 named FlatFatCat. With this game we want to fully focus on mobile clients and planned the whole project a lot smaller, but more engaging.

The “FlatFatCat” makes its debut

Today I want to introduce the game to you. Our special guest is “Bruno”, a very lazy and fat cat:


He wants to bring more action in his live by scaring other cats or bounce them together 🙂 This is not always as easy as it sounds because every room is different. Sometimes there is a couch or seat in his way, in other rooms are shelves or fish tanks.

Interactive objects

Bruno’s owner is an ambitious artist. This is why it is possible some buckets of color lay on the floors. It is a big pleasure for Bruno to bounce other cats into this paint.
Bruno dislikes dogs in general, but Chihuahuas are a special treat for him. Their craziness is unpredictable.
He also has to deal with weird looking wheels from time to time. They create an enormous amount of wind, which can be hard to handle.


There will be more treats and challenges in Bruno’s adventure. You can check them out soon!

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