FlatFatCat: Bouncing Cats- Play a cute and funny cat game

You like cat games?
You can download FlatFatCat: Bouncing Cats for free in Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Apple AppStore for Android and iOS.



FlatFatCat is a free funny cat game / app for tablet, ipad or your smartphone. This is Bruno, a lazy fat and sometimes a bit crazy cat. He is our main character in this hockey cat game:

FlatFatCat Pool


He wants to bring more fun and joy into his live by coming in contact with other cats. This is not always as easy as it sounds, it takes skill and patience. Sometimes there is a couch or seat in his way, in other rooms are shelves or fish tanks. You need to swipe him, like you would do in a hockey game, over the floor and throw him in the direction of the other kittens. If you contact the other kittens they will diving over the floor as well. The goal is to resolve all same coloured kittens by let them flying together.


How to play

If two same-coloured cats touch each other, they loving each other and disappear. If all cats except Bruno disappeared, the level is cleared – Congratulations you won! Stars and points are rewarded according to time left, flower pots that were not destroyed and Combos. These points can be compared with friends over Facebook. Solve over 200 different level in this adventure with many different setups and very unique objects.


Interactive objects

Bruno’s owner is an ambitious artist. This is why it is possible some buckets of color lay on the floors. It is a big pleasure for Bruno to shoot or throw other cats into this paint.

FlatFatCat Pool


His wife on the other hand is a Florist, and she displays her flowers all over the floor. I would not brake the pots if I were you…

FlatFatCat PoolFlatFatCat Pool


Bruno dislikes dogs in general, but Chihuahuas are a special treat for him. Their craziness is unpredictable.



He also has to deal with weird looking wheels from time to time. They create an enormous amount of wind, which can be hard to handle.



Some boxes were left after tidying up – the first cat which comes to close will be occupied shredding it for some time…



Using Boosters

If a level is too hard, you can use diverse Boosters in it. With these, for example annoying Chihuahuas get a Muzzle and do not fear cats anymore, because of it – but they still remain an obstacle.

You can also Pull the Plugs of fans in a level (which even helps Bruno´s owner save some energy).

However, there are also active Boosters :


All cats feasted upon the yummy Thuna and gained some weight. This way they are easier to “shoot”, aim and hit.

FlatFatCat    FlatFatCat


What would you do with lots of cats with different colors? Exactly, you paint them all in one color. Rainbow! This is made possible by the Color Fiasco which also has the side effect of preventing the rainbow cats to change Color again.

FlatFatCat   FlatFatCat


If you wish to collect all stars and just need a few more seconds, you can use a Mouse to get these extra seconds to achieve more stars.



A casual funny cat game. Maybe one of the best game in the section cat games! FlatFatCat Pool is an amusing cat game and creates Addiction – Perfectly fits on waiting time. It is completely free to play on top.

You can download FlatFatCat Pool for free in Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Apple AppStore for Android and iOS.

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