A wild Intern has arrived!

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My name is Henrik and I am an intern at Rainware for the next 12 weeks.

In this time, my main focus will lie on game design – changes on existing games like Timbertales and making other ideas for games easy to grab and fun to play.

And I already started working – Some features of Timbertales were not really introduced so players might have been confused – they are explained within the campaign now…Also some of the later Levels in Timbertales were to hard, so I made small adjustments and they are now easier to finish (but believe me, they still pose a challenge).

Well, now you have a rough idea of my main purpose here . Of course I will also be connecting with you via social networks and translate (and proof-read) texts in English or German.

Now that you know who you will have to deal with the next 12 weeks, let me tell you something about me. I will Keep it short(as in – not two pages long) and what could be shorter than a bullet list:

  • Name: Henrik
  • Age: 20
  • Profession: Student of Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment at Hochschule Mittweida(Specialization: Creative Content Design)
  • Why am I at Rainware? Good Question. We need an internship of 12 weeks before we can start with our Bachelor thesis. A bit of googling, writing applications, getting rejected and trying elsewhere, and after a short skype call I am now here.
  • Hobbies: Reading, Going for walks, Gaming (Especially Nintendo), translating EN/GER and word puns of any kind

Well, that was much shorter than I anticipated…I can normally go on forever with such lists. You can confirm this yourself by looking at my Profile(Website) 😛

Up to this point, it is really nice here – just to get the symbol count up a bit more.

Anyways, if you have questions left dont let them be unanswered, and if you have any Feedback concerning Rainware products also feel free to comment below.

Have a nice week,